The NFL draft is known for its drama, with a significant gap between expectations for top picks and actual outcomes. Mock drafts tend to become irrelevant after a few picks, and surprise choices by one team can disrupt the entire first round. For some players, this can be a defining moment as they begin their professional careers in a higher-than-expected draft slot. However, for others, it can be an uncomfortable wait as they remain undrafted past their projected draft position. While draft position does not necessarily determine a player's success, here are five players who could potentially experience a drop in the draft, ranging from a slight fall to a complete absence from the first day of the draft as they anxiously await hearing their names called by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Carter's football skills are exemplary, making him one of the most outstanding prospects in the draft. As a first-team All-American, he played a significant role in Georgia's back-to-back national title victories, establishing himself as one of the top talents in this year's class. Although Alabama's Will Anderson Jr. is a formidable opponent for the best defensive player title, Carter is widely considered an elite talent. However, in March, he was arrested and later pleaded no contest to charges of racing and reckless driving that led to the death of his teammate and a staff member. In a recent interview with HBO's "Real Sports," Carter revealed that "a couple teams" had asked about the accident, but the inquiries were not thorough. His agent Drew Rosenhaus has been reluctant to have him visit teams beyond the top 10 picks, expressing confidence that Carter will be selected within that range. However, if the Seahawks, who are expected to take him at No. 5, choose not to, Carter's draft position could fall slightly. The Lions (No. 6), Bears (No. 9), and Eagles (No. 10) are all intriguing potential destinations, with the Eagles possibly representing his lowest possible position.